Covid-19 affects the candle industry

Posted by Liv on 30th Aug 2020

Covid-19 affects the candle industry

The year 2020 has been a troubling year for Australia we started off with mass bushfires across the country, seen mass devastation and then the world rolled into something we can never forget...…Covid-19. As I think we can see that Covid-19 has brought us all some heart ache, tears, stresses, anxiety, financial loss and hardships. We see businesses everywhere either struggling to stay afloat or shutting their doors completely.


The candle industry too has started to see some big effects too. Suppliers of materials are having issues sourcing the raw materials to make things like our FRAGRANCE OILS which is a huge part of candle making. We have also started to see a massive decline on SOY WAX as well.

The suppliers like us too are struggling to source materials and keep up with the demand. Their shipments of raw materials are taking a min of 8 weeks to get to Australia and then once they receive them they need production time. When they fill the stock levels it literally will SELL OUT in minutes...….I feel like a stalker of supplier companies, I’m checking stock levels at least 3 times a day at the least.


Now we are starting to see price hikes.....not the standard kind of hike you generally see either! Wax went up over $30 a box, Jars and containers have gone up, our shipping went up too...…Oils - now well that is where it starts getting scary...….some fragrances are seeing a price increase of over $40 per bottle.

I will continue to source all of our favourites where possible, we have around 100kg of wax on hand and fragrance oils I have slowly started to build up on too...…except AMALFI SEA MIST...…. yes I know, not good!

When will this all end?

How much more can we all take?