Gemstones & Crystals

Posted by Liv on 20th Sep 2021

Gemstones & Crystals

As you all know by know here at Liv's Creations we love all things bright, colourful and pretty. So it goes without saying that Gemstones and Crystals play a big part in our creations. 

For many years the struggle to source genuine and unadulterated gems had become difficult. There is so many popping up left and right that quality and purity has to start to be compromised somewhere....doesn't it? 

Now let's talk prices....there's really kind of two levels with this, there is the cheap and there is the expensive. Cheap, repeated and uniform stock amounts? I would really start to think about purity!

Now the expensive gems and crystals happen for a couple of reasons, one is if they are carved or raw pieces, most carved pieces should be each carved individually by hand making is labour intensive. Another main reason for high prices is the fact that gemstones and crystals will pass though the hands of many middle men/women incorporating a price rise each time for profits. 

This is where the GOOD NEWS comes in for us at Liv's Creations and for all of you too! I have FINALLY sourced a supplier of Genuine Gemstones and Crystals, this supplier is the main man, meaning I have been able to cut out all of the greedy middle men. There quality is absolutely outstanding with the most vivid colours and wicked flashes that I have ever seen. You will absolutely start to see the difference coming through soon. 

So for all of the gemstone and crystal ENTHUSIASTS out there, if you are hunting that particular piece, get in contact and I will see what I can do.